2018 Sustaining Members

The Aquatic Plant Management Society is grateful for our Sustaining Members whose generous annual contributions sponsor our most important core values, especially education and outreach initiatives. Sustaining Membership costs $500 and includes membership privileges for one designated representative; subscription to the Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, APMS newsletters, and access to the APMS Blog and social media content; quarterly issues of Aquatics magazine; recognition as a Sustaining Member in newsletters, the Annual Meeting Program, and on the APMS website. Please read about APMS Sustaining Members below and learn more about them by visiting their websites.

alligareAlligare, LLC is a leading supplier in industrial vegetation management and a subsidiary of ADAMA, the world’s largest manufacturer of post patent crop protection chemicals. Our markets include vegetation management, forestry, right-of-way, range and pasture, and aquatics. Alligare works directly with manufacturers around the world to bring the highest level of product quality and service to our customer. Alligare Specialists provide product and service faster and more cost effectively than a traditional sales force.

appliedaquatics2Since 1981, Applied Aquatic Management, Inc., (AAM) has provided innovative and effective water management services, selective vegetation control, wetland management and exotic weed control. AAM has clients throughout Florida including developers, homeowners associations, golf courses, mobile home communities, utilities, local, state and federal government agencies and industry. Our experienced professional staff provides unique knowledge along with advanced equipment to manage all types of waterway, right-of-way, wetland, and upland systems.

aquaservices2Aqua Services, Inc. is a full-service, aquatic resource management company that specializes in aquatic vegetation management. Established in 1983, the company has provided aquatic plant management for entities in the southeastern U.S. that include the Army Corps of Engineers, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Southern Company, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. Aqua Services also provides lake management consulting including electro-fishing assessments, water quality analysis and enhancement, and recreational lake design.

At AquaMaster, we design and build the highest quality equipment for the care and improvement of pond, lake, or other aquatic environments. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and assistance to our customers. We are equally committed to our employees to whom we will provide an environment where they will have the maximum opportunity to grow and to prosper. Go online to find one of our 1,500 authorized AquaMaster® Distributors to arrange a visit! (http://www.aquamasterfountains.com/) “Commitment to Excellence”

aquatechnex2AquaTechnex, LLC is a lake and aquatic plant management firm that operates in the Western United States. The company is expert in the use of aerial and boat GIS/GPS technologies to assess aquatic environments. The firm is also expert in the management of invasive aquatic weed species and phosphorous mitigation to suppress toxic cyanobacteria blooms. Please drop by our website regularly to get news updates as we have moved our blog onto the site.

aquaticcontrol2Aquatic Control, Inc. has been managing aquatic resources since 1966. As a distributor of lake management supplies, floating fountain aerators, and diffused aeration systems, Aquatic Control represents Applied Biochemists, AquaBlok, BioSafe Systems, Brewer International, SePRO, Syngenta, United Phosphorus, AquaMaster, Kasco, and Otterbine. Aquatic Control has five offices that offer aquatic vegetation management plans including vegetation mapping and application services, fountain and aeration system installation, maintenance, and service throughout the Midwest.

avcAquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. (AVC) is a Florida corporation founded in 1986 offering vegetation management and general environmental consulting services throughout the southeast. Since its establishment as an exotic/nuisance vegetation management company specializing in the control of invasive wetland, aquatic and upland species, AVC has broadened its scope of capabilities to include; certified lake management, fish stocking, re-vegetation, mitigation and restoration services, mitigation monitoring services, aquatic, roadside, forestry and utility vegetation management, and environmental/ecological consulting.

biosafesystems2BioSafe Systems offers sustainable solutions for the treatment of algal and bacterial issues in lakes/ponds, municipal water sources, wastewater facilities, and other water resources. Our uniquely balanced, broad-spectrum chemistries are designed to enhance and maintain your water’s health, quality, and appearance. BioSafe Systems’ chemistries are sustainable yet always effective. They are EPA registered, USDA NOP compliant, OMRI listed and strive for minimal impact on the environment.

brewerinternational2Brewer International, located in Vero Beach, Florida, has been a chemical manufacturer since 1973. This location is perfect because the company purchases limonene, a low viscosity oil derived from the peel of citrus fruit. This natural ingredient is used in many of Brewer’s formulations including two OMRI Listed Organic surfactants: Organic-Kick and Vin-Kick. The company offers aquatic surfactants Cide-Kick, Cide-Kick II, Cygnet Plus, I’Vod, Sun Wet, and Poly Control 2. Check out our web site and visit us on our Facebook page.

chemone2Chem One is a national leader of Copper Sulfate for aquatic management. With eight standard EPA label grades; Fine 20, 25, 30, 100, 200, Small, Medium and Large. Chem One has a grade to meet every customer’s needs. With our corporate offices and 78,000+ square foot warehouse in Houston, Texas, Chem One is a national wholesale company that also offers a wide variety of dry inorganic chemicals. Chem One is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

clarke-smClarke Aquatic Services is a global environmental products and services company. Our mission is to make communities around the world more livable, safe, and comfortable. By understanding our customers’ needs, we tailor service programs that draw on our unmatched breadth of industry experience, expertise, and resources. We pioneer, develop and deliver environmentally responsible mosquito control and aquatic services to help control nuisances, prevent disease, and create healthy waterways.

cpsCrop Production Services, Inc. (CPS) is a national distributor dedicated to providing innovative solutions and quality products for our customers in the aquatic industry. With our experienced sales force and national warehouse network, CPS provides fast, reliable access to the products our customers need, the services our customers want, and emerging technologies that will address vegetation management needs today and into the future. At CPS, we work closely with customers to develop solutions for their vegetation management programs.

cygnetenterprises2Cygnet Enterprises, Inc. is a national single source distributor of aquatic management products with offices and warehouses in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and Idaho. Cygnet is proud of its reputation for outstanding service, friendly, knowledgeable staff and our unmatched support of the aquatics industry. Cygnet Enterprises is the only aquatic distributor at the voting Gold Member level in the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (AERF).

dwi_incDiversified Waterscapes, Inc. (DWI) has an extensive knowledge base that includes experienced personnel and seasoned professionals in the management of lakes and ponds. We are dedicated to continually improving our technical and distributor support service, attitude, communication and innovative development of new products and are consistently expanding our knowledge by investigating industry trends, laws and regulations. DWI also manufactures a line of aquatic treatment products that are formulated to be environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic to aquatic environments.

duke-smDuke Energy is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S. Its regulated utility operations serve approximately 7.4 million electric customers located in six states in the Southeast and Midwest, representing a population of approximately 24 million people. Its Commercial Portfolio and International business segments own and operate diverse power generation assets in North America and Latin America, including a growing portfolio of renewable energy assets in the U.S. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Duke Energy is an S&P 100 Stock Index company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK. Visit us at duke-energy.com.

lakerestoration3Lake Restoration, located in MN, has specialized in controlling pond weeds, lake weeds, and nuisance algae since 1977. Lake Restoration’s product line-up includes: Mizzen, a copper based algaecide, Spritflo and Dibrox herbicides, a variety of pond dyes and nutrient reducers. Lake Restoration also manufactures the TORMADA product application boat, Vitaflume floating fountains, the retractable Goose D-Fence system, and the patented LAKEMAID to eliminate lake weeds automatically. For more information, visit our website www.lakerestoration.com.

leecounty-smThe Lee County Hyacinth Control District was formed by the Florida Legislature in June 1961 to curtail excessive growths of water hyacinth. That same year, water managers from across the state convened in Lee County and formed the Hyacinth Control Society, now APMS, to share control strategies and develop a comprehensive management approach to Florida’s most prolific aquatic plant. T. Wayne Miller, Jr. of Lee County served as the Society’s President for the first two years and Lee County has been a supporting member of APMS since its inception. http://lchcd.org

lonza-smThe Applied Biochemists® team at Lonza Water Treatment is proud of its active membership and participation with the APMS for over 40 years. As a manufacturer and supplier of algaecides, aquatic herbicides and other water management products, we highly value the science and integrity the APMS brings to our industry. We are a leading life sciences company, dedicated to the development, production and application of a wide variety of products to improve the recreational and functional value of water, and quality of life throughout the world.

maxunitechMaxunitech is an integrated enterprise focusing on the Research and Development, production, sales of agrochemicals, and relevant intermediates and other fine chemicals. Established in 2000, under the principles of “people oriented, united for innovation and pursue excellence”, we have been researching and developing new products, solving commercial issues from the perspective of technology, and fulfilling enterprise value with value added for our clients.

nufarm3Valent Corporation signed a formal agreement with Nufarm Americas giving them exclusive distributorship of its products. All of Valent’s Professional Products, including its aquatics products, Clipper and Tradewind, will now be sold by Nufarm. This allows Nufarm to offer a portfolio of 10 products labeled for aquatics. Nufarm provides a wide variety of products labeled for aquatics, both systemic and contact, that can be used selectively or broad spectrum depending on their use.

image003Pond Boss PRO, a division of OASE North America. For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water. Worldwide, from private gardens to public spaces, impressive water displays showcase the wide range of possibilities using OASE products. Our quality equipment is backed by innovation and technology to support the maintenance of large bodies of water. Available in North America, our complete family of products includes our line of pond boss PRO water treatments intended to clean, clear, condition, and balance water chemistry so lakes can be enjoyed the way nature intended. Water is our passion. Water is Life. OASE is Living Water.

sepro2For over 20 years, SePRO Corporation has developed innovative technologies to advance the science of water management. The SePRO team provides comprehensive assessment, planning and implementation solutions. Our focused disciplines include aquatic plant and algae management, water quality restoration, laboratory analysis, mapping and data management. Whether you are looking to assess a water resource, design a prescription plan or implement a restoration program, SePRO provides expertise and solutions to preserve our most precious natural resource – water.

SOLlitude Lake Management
SOLitude Lake Management is an environmental firm committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty, preserve natural resources, educate communities and reduce our environmental footprint. SOLitude’s team of Aquatic Biologists, Ecologists and Environmental Scientists specializes in the execution of customized lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management programs that include algae and aquatic weed control, water quality testing and restoration, nutrient remediation, vegetation studies and biological assessments for clients across the United States.

Sox Erosion ControlSOX Erosion Solutions is an environmental services company that has mastered erosion with innovative products that restore living shorelines and hillsides. For almost two decades, the company has installed its patented, bio-engineered solutions that are stable, long-lasting and compliant with Best Management Practices. Centerpiece products include Shoresox and Dredgesox Erosion Control. SOX Systems are filled with organic sediment, and secured to shorelines with a patented soft-armored anchoring system. Plants grow directly through the mesh creating rooted, vegetated shorelines.

syngenta2Invasive weeds can devastate both natural and commercial habitats. Syngenta provides high performance products to control destructive weeds while helping to restore the habitat of aquatic environments. Syngenta offers proven aquatic herbicides like Reward®, Tribune™ and Refuge™ that provide fast burn-down, work well in cool weather and are rainfast in as little as 30 minutes. The active ingredient, diquat dibromide, has been used successfully in sensitive aquatic areas for over 25 years.

upi2UPI manufactures and markets aquatic herbicides and algaecides for lakes, ponds, and irrigation canals. These products are marketed as Aquathol®, Hydrothol®, Symmetry®, Current®, Cascade®, Teton® and recently approved by EPA, AquaStrike®. UPI is a leader in the development of new uses, techniques, and formulations to improve aquatic plant management strategies. UPI is a worldwide producer of crop protection products with U.S. operations based in King of Prussia, PA. For more information please visit www.upi-usa.com.

vertex2Vertex Water Features, a division of Aquatic Systems, Inc. is a science and engineering based aeration system manufacturer that provides custom designed water quality solutions distributed through its dealer network to interested lake owners, lake managers, developers and government agencies throughout North America and internationally.