The Aquatic Plant Management Society presents several awards to members and to others who contribute to the Society and to the field of aquatic plant management. You are encouraged to nominate colleagues who are playing an important role in developing plant control technologies or implementing management strategies. If you would like to nominate an APMS member for an award, criteria and forms are accessible at the bottom of this page. Please send your nominations to:
John Madsen, Awards Committee Chair,

Honorary Members
Awarded to persons who have been voting members of the Society for no less than ten years, have contributed significantly to the field of aquatic vegetation management, and have actively promoted the Society and its affairs during their membership. Click on the Member’s name to read more about their contributions to aquatic plant management.
William E. Wunderlich (1967)
F.L. Timmons (1970)
Walter A. Dun (1976)
Frank S. Stafford (1981)
Robert J. Gates (1984)
Herbert J. Friedman (1987)
John E. Gallagher (1988)
Luciano “Lou” Val Guerra (1988)
Max C. McCowen (1989)
James D. Gorman (1995)
T. Wayne Miller, Jr. (1995)
A. Leon Bates (1997)
Richard Couch (1997)
William N. Rushing (1997)
Alva P. Burkhalter (2002)
J. Lewis Decell (2004)
Paul C. Myers (2005)
David Sutton (2006)
Dean Martin (2007)
Robert Gunkel (2008)
Alison M. Fox (2010)
Randall K. Stocker (2010)
Steven J. de Kozlowski (2010)
Carole A. Lembi (2011)
David Tarver (2012)
Lars Anderson (2012)
Don Doggett (2013)
Richard Hinterman (2013)
David F Spencer (2015)
Jim Schmidt (2016)
Joseph C. Joyce (2017)
Jeffrey D. Schardt (2017)
David Isaacs (2018)
Vernon Vandiver (2018)
Eric P. Barkemeyer (2019)
Linda Nelson (2020)
Steve Brewer (2020)
Ken Manuel (2020)
Terry Goldsby (2021)
John Rodgers, Jr. (2021)
Kurt Getsinger (2021)
President’s Award
The President’s Award is presented to an individual, designated by the current President, who has displayed “Many Years of Dedication and Contributions to the Society and the Field of Aquatic Plant Management.
“T.O. “Dale” Robson (1984)
Gloria Rushing (1991)
William T. Haller (1999)
David Mitchell (1999)
Jeffrey D. Schardt (2002)
Jim Schmidt (2003)
Robert C. Gunkel, Jr. (2004)
Vic Ramey (2006)
Bill Culpepper (2007)
Kurt Getsinger (2008)
Richard Hinterman (2009)
Steve D. Cockreham (2010)
Donald W. Doggett (2012)
Carlton Layne (2013)
Ken Langeland (2014)
Jeff Schardt (2014)
Dan Thayer (2014)
Bill Zattau (2014)
Gregory E. Mac Donald (2015)
Linda S. Nelson (2015)
John Madsen (2016)
Mike Netherland (2016)
Jason Ferrell (2017)
Robert Blackburn (2018)
Sherry Whittaker (2018)
Eric P. Barkemeyer (2019)
Dave Petty (2020)
Bill Torres (2020)
Rob Richardson (2020)
Dr. Mark Heilman (2021)
Max McCowen Friendship Award
The Max McCowen Friendship Award is presented in honor of long-time Member Max McCowen. This award is a special recognition given to an APMS member whose demeanor and actions display sincerity and friendship in the spirit of being an ambassador for the APMS. Criteria include warmth and outgoing friendship, sincerity and genuine concern, gracious hospitality, positive attitude and smile.
Judy McCowen (1995)
John Gallagher (1997)
Paul C. Myers (2000)
William T. Haller (2002)
Bill Moore (2006)
Vernon V. Vandiver (2012)
Tommy Bowen (2014)
Steve T. Hoyle (2015)
Ken Manuel (2016)
David Isaacs (2017)
John Gardner (2018)
William A. Ratajczyk (2019)
Tom Warmuth (2020)
Todd Olson (2021)
T. Wayne Miller Distinguished Service Award
This award is presented in honor of founding Member and first and only two-term President of APMS, T. Wayne Miller. The award is presented to an individual to recognize “Service to the Society and the Profession.” Considerations include completion of a relatively short-term project taking considerable effort resulting in advancement of aquatic plant management; performance beyond the call of duty as an APMS officer, chair, or representative; or non-member achievement leading to the advancement of APMS goals and objectives.
Gerald Adrian (2005)
Linda Nelson (2007)
Surrey Jacobs (2009)
Amy Richard (2010)
Michael D. Netherland (2011)
John H. Rodgers, Jr. (2012)
John Madsen (2013)
Jim Schmidt (2014)
Jeffrey D. Schardt (2015)
Craig Aguillard (2016)
Tommy Bowen (2017)
Tyler Koschnick (2018)
Robert J. Richardson (2019)
Jeremy Slade (2020)
Dr. Jason Ferrell (2021)
Outstanding Research/Technical Contributor
An individual or group recognized for completion of a research project or technical contribution related to aquatic plant management that constitutes a significant advancement to the field.
Michael D. Netherland (2010)
Dean Jones (2010)
Jeremy Slade (2010)
Kurt D. Getsinger (2011)
Mark Heilman (2013)
John Rodgers (2015)
Rob Richardson (2016)
Ryan Thum (2017)
Scott Nissen (2018)
John D. Madsen (2019)
Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Control Project (2020)
Tera Guetter (2021)
Outstanding Graduate Student Award
A student recognized for outstanding achievement during graduate studies in the field of aquatic plant management.
Ryan Wersal,
Mississippi State University (2010)
Joseph D. Vassios, Colorado State University (2011)
Sarah True, North Carolina State University (2013)
Justin Nawrocki, North Carolina State University (2014)
Erika Haug, North Carolina State University (2015)
Kyla Iwinski, Clemson University (2016)
Alyssa Calomeni, Clemson University (2017)
Andrew Howell (2018)
Tyler Geer (2019)
Gray Turnage, Mississippi State University (2020)
Mirella Ortiz (2021)
Outstanding International Contribution Award
An individual or group recognized for completion of research or outreach activities that are international in nature.
Deborah Hofstra, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (2013)
Paul Champion, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (2016)
John Clayton, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (2017)
Tony Dugdale (2018)
Outstanding JAPM Article
An award voted by the Editor and Associate Editors for research published in the JAPM during the previous year.
(2012) James A. Johnson and Raymond M. Newman; A Comparison of Two Methods for Sampling Biomass of Aquatic Plants. Vol. 49(1) pp. 1-8
(2014) Michael D. Netherland and LeeAnn Glomski: Mesocosm evaluation of triclopyr on Eurasian watermilfoil and three native submersed species: The role of treatment timing and herbicide exposure. Vol. 52(2) pp. 57-64
(2016) Greg Bugbee, M. Gibbons, and M.J. Wells: Efficacy of Single and Consecutive Early-season Diquat Treatments on Curlyleaf Pondweed and Associated Aquatic Macrophytes: A Case Study. Vol. 53(2) pp. 170-178
(2017) Justin J. Nawrocki, Rob J. Richardson, and Steve T. Hoyle: Monoecious hydrilla tuber dynamics following various management regimes on four North Carolina reservoirs. Vol. 54(1) pp. 12-16
(2018) Ryan A. Thum, Syndell Parks, James N. Mcnair, Pam Tyning, Paul Hausler, Lindsay Chadderton, Andrew Tucker, and Anna Monfils: Survival and vegetative regrowth of Eurasian and hybrid watermilfoil following operational treatment with auxinic herbicides in Gun Lake, Michigan. Vol. 55(2) pp. 103-107
(2019) Alyssa J. Calomeni, Ciera M. Kinley, Tyler D. Geer, Maas Hendrikse, and John H. Rodgers Jr.: Lyngbya wollei responses to copper algaecide exposures predicted using a concentration-exposure time (CET) model: Influence of initial biomass. Vol. 56(2) pp. 73-83
(2020) Melaney A. Dunne and Raymond M. Newman: Effect of light on macrophyte sprouting and assessment of viable seedbank to predict community composition
(2021) Mark Hoyer, Dr. William Haller, Dr. Jason Ferrell, and Dean Jones: Legacy herbicides in lake sediments are not preventing the growth of submersed aquatic plants in Lake Istokpoga

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