Herbicide Resistance Stewardship in Aquatic Plant Management

The Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS) working in cooperation with the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has developed the following module addressing herbicide resistance in aquatic plant management venues. The clarification document compares and contrasts aquatic plant control with crop management and addresses how the types of aquatic plants, settings in which they are controlled, and the relatively few available control options, influence herbicide resistance management strategies. Resistance management measures that applicators routinely implement into aquatic plant control programs are reviewed along with conditions in aquatic venues that challenge incorporating stewardship actions that are successful in production crop settings. PowerPoint Lessons summarize key points in the document and case examples further illustrate the complexities in managing aquatic plants with herbicides.

Resolution of the APMS Board of Directors


White Paper: Herbicide Resistance Stewardship in Aquatic Plant Management

Lesson 1 – Aquatic Plant Management Venues and Plant Types

Lesson 2 – Considering Available Herbicides and Aquatic Plant Growth Patterns

Lesson 3 – Practical Examples in Aquatics that Challenge Traditional Resistance Management Strategies