Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society – Contains information and training for Florida’s aquatic plant managers and information to provide a forum for government agency personnel to work with private sector aquatic plant managers in attaining the common goal of safe and effective aquatic plant control.

MidSouth Aquatic Plant Management – MSAPMS is a non-profit organization of scientists, educators, students, resource managers, administrators, and concerned individuals interested in the management and study of aquatic plants in the MidSouth region.

Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society – MAPMS provides information and assistance required by those who work with the unique ecological, sociological economic and regulatory concerns associated with managing aquatic plants in lake systems affected by exotic species, nutrient pollution, use conflicts and intense recreational demands.

Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society – The purpose of the Society shall be to assist in the management of aquatic vegetation, to provide for the scientific and educational advancement of members, to encourage scientific research in all facets of aquatic plant management, to promote an exchange of information among members and to extend and develop public understanding in the discipline.

South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society – In South Carolina alone, over 50,000 acres of public waterways and thousands of acres of private waters are infested with aquatic weeds. Heightened interest in research and control of nuisance aquatic vegetation in South Carolina led to the formation of the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society.

Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society – The Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society consists of aquatic vegetation management professionals, companies, researchers, students, and extension specialists dedicated to the aquatic vegetation management issues in Texas. Our focus is on educating youth and adults about aquatic vegetation management and preservation of natural aquatic environments, including control of invasive aquatic plant species and conservation and propagation of native aquatic plant species including rare or threatened species.

Western Aquatic Plant Management Society – The Western Aquatic Plant Management Society is the western chapter of the Aquatic Plant Management Society – an international organization. The purpose is to promote the management of non-native and nuisance aquatic vegetation, encourage scientific research, promote student scholarships, provide scientific advancement and knowledge to its members, and extend and develop public interest in aquatic plant management activities.