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Invasive weed made pond like ‘a green baize snooker table’

The Parrot’s Feather weed is native to South America, but has taken hold at numerous sites across Britain, including the pond on Hatherleigh Moor. Matt Edworthy said, “All these efforts and the three tonnes only accounts for about half of the pond. When we turned up, the pond looked like it was covered in green baize, like a snooker table.” READ MORE
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Boaters beware

According to the Montana Weed Control Association, Montana currently has 32 state-listed noxious weeds in every county of the state. Western Montana has a much larger problem given population densities where weeds are primarily spread through travel vectors. READ MORE
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Weed control helps lakes

A nationwide lake weed control programme carried out by Land Information New Zealand is having a positive impact on the health of some of Otago’s lakes, particularly Lake Wanaka.
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Help stop lake weed

Eurasian milfoil, a spiny seaweed not native to North America, has been a problem locally, and the biggest weapon in combating the invasive plant is education, said Jack DeWeese, coordinator of the town of Caroga’s invasive aquatic weed extraction in Caroga Lake. The Adirondack Landowners Association is working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and local counties throughout upstate New York to raise awareness about aquatic invasive species this year. The three-part program educates people by sending brochures with renewals for boat and trailer registrations, providing space in local Department of Motor Vehicle offices for signs and brochures to get the word out about the problem, and involving the private sector. The ALA will work with North Country business owners and town government officials to offer posters and handouts with information on how to prevent the spread of invasive species throughout the Adirondacks.
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Report on the volunteering weekend at Puttenahalli Lake

With some 20 volunteers responding to our call to remove the drying aquatic weed from the lake bed, it was a most satisfying morning today! READ MORE
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Sandpoint begins milfoil treatment plan

SANDPOINT — Thanks to a little financial help from several institutions, the city is ready to kick off its treatment plan for invasive aquatic weeds. City Beach and Windbag Marina are due to receive much-needed attention on Monday to counter the invasion of Eurasian milfoil. Rather than using herbicides, however, the cleanup crew will employ a mix of manual techniques to keep chemicals out of the lake.


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