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Weeds course at Keepit

This one day course will increase people’s knowledge on water weed species so they can assist in the eradication of water weeds. Topics to be covered include: water weed habitats, impacts of aquatic weeds on the environment, legislation requirements, weeds of national significance, common areas where aquatic weeds invade, aquatic plant recognition, correct disposal of aquatic plant materials, early detection survey guidelines. READ MORE
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County works to reduce aquatic invasive species

A task force gathered at the Montana State Offices in Thompson Falls on Wednesday to discuss efforts to reduce the population of the invasive species known as Eurasian Water Milfoil in Sanders County waters. READ MORE
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Students join effort to stop spread of weeds

Currently, the North Carolina Aquatic Weed Control Program spends nearly $500000 a year on controlling aquatic invasive species.
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Help stop lake weed

Eurasian milfoil, a spiny seaweed not native to North America, has been a problem locally, and the biggest weapon in combating the invasive plant is education, said Jack DeWeese, coordinator of the town of Caroga’s invasive aquatic weed extraction in Caroga Lake. The Adirondack Landowners Association is working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and local counties throughout upstate New York to raise awareness about aquatic invasive species this year. The three-part program educates people by sending brochures with renewals for boat and trailer registrations, providing space in local Department of Motor Vehicle offices for signs and brochures to get the word out about the problem, and involving the private sector. The ALA will work with North Country business owners and town government officials to offer posters and handouts with information on how to prevent the spread of invasive species throughout the Adirondacks.
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Ilwaco kicks off Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Month

The city of Ilwaco and Ilwaco Middle School Science Club will host AquaEd, an aquatic education fair, on June 1, during the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco. The event will include a mayoral proclamation designating June as “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Month.”
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Meet Amelia Exotica Floridana

Amy Richard and her colleagues from the University of Florida bring an exciting approach to environmental education to the 2012 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Her character, named Amelia exotica floridana, educates students of all ages about invasive plant species through visual and experiential interactions. Amy dresses up in a costume that visually represents the difference between an invasive species monoculture and a diverse habitat of native plants.


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