Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 58, 2020

Below are the article titles for JAPM for 2020.

Note that only the abstracts for the articles are available online, except for open access articles which have the full pdf available. Complete articles are available online after two years.

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Evidence for a genetically distinct strain of introduced Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrocharitaceae) in North America
Nicholas P. Tippery, Gregory J. Bugbee, and Summer E. Stebbins
open access
Desiccation tolerance of the invasive alga starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa) as an indicator of overland spread risk
Wesley J. Glisson, Carli K. Wagner, Michael R. Verhoeven, Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Rafael Contreras-Rangel, and Daniel J. Larkin

open access
Survivability of starry stonewort bulbils using commonly available decontamination strategies
Stephen D. Gottschalk and Kenneth G. Karol
Chemical control of torpedograss and common reed under altered salinity conditions
Candice M. Prince and Gregory E. MacDonald
Evaluation of fluazifop-P-butyl for para grass and torpedograss control in aquatic and wetland sites
Stephen F. Enloe, Kaitlyn H. Quincy, Michael D. Netherland, and Dwight K. Lauer
The effects of leaf litter on the filamentous alga Cladophora sp., with an emphasis on photosynthetic physioresponses
Liu Shao, Yuxin Shi, Yiqin Chen, Anglu Shen
Legacy herbicides in lake sediments are not preventing the growth of submersed aquatic plants in Lake Istokpoga
Mark V. Hoyer, William T. Haller, Jason Ferrell, and Dean Jones
open access
A survey of hydrilla management educational materials for optimal stakeholder preference, learning, and knowledge transfer in Florida
Emma N. I. Weeks, Jennifer L. Gillett-Kaufman, and Mark V. Hoyer
Comparison of molecular markers to distinguish genotypes of Eurasian
watermilfoil, northern watermilfoil, and their hybrids (No Abstract)
Jeff Pashnick and Ryan A. Thum
Torpedograss control via submersed applications of systemic and contact herbicides in mesocosms (No Abstract)
Gray Turnage, Ryan M. Wersal, and John D. Madson
Sorption of dissolved microcystin using lanthanum-modified bentonite clay (No Abstract)
H. Dail Laughinghouse IV, Forrest W. Lefler, David E. Berthold, and West M. Bishop
A new device for sampling submersed aquatic plants using underwater video (No Abstract)
Wesley J. Glisson, Michael R. Verhoeven, and Daniel J. Larkin
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