Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 52, 2014

Below are the articles for JAPM for 2014.

Response of invasive floating plants and nontarget emergent plants to foliar applications of imazamox and penoxsulam. Christopher R Mudge and M D Netherland 1
Impact of walking catfish (Clarias batrachus) on the growth and production characteristics of water chestnut (Trapa bispinosa) and waterhyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in a waterlogged ecosystem. Somnath Roy Chowdhury, Rajeeb K. Mohanty, P. S. Brahmanand, and Ashwani Kumar 8
Interactions of herbicides, surfactants, and the giant salvinia weevil (Cyrtobagous salviniae) for control of giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta). Christopher R. Mudge, Nathan E. Harms, and Julie G. Nachtrieb 15
Mass-rearing Cyrtobagous salviniae for biological control of giant salvinia: field release implications. Julie G. Nachtrieb 22
Evaluations of foliar applied herbicides for alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides) control. Michael C. Cox, Ryan M. Wersal, and John D. Madsen 27
Curlyleaf pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) turion control with acetic acid and benthic barriers. Thomas C. Barr III and Joseph M. Ditomaso 31
Persistance and movement of diquat and the effectiveness of limnobarriers after curlyleaf pondweed treatment in Crystal Lake, Connecticut. Christina S. Robb, Brian D. Eitzer, Jordan A. Gibbons, Mark June-Wells, and Gregory J. Bugbee 39
Evaluation of aquatic herbicide activity against crested floating heart. Leif N. Willey, Michael D. Netherland, William T. Haller, and Kenneth A. Langeland 47
Mesocosm evaluation of triclopyr on Eurasian watermilfoil and three native submersed species: The role of treatment timing and herbicide exposure. Michael D. Netherland and Leeann M. Glomski
Comparative responses of target and nontarget species to exposures of a copper based algaecide. West M. Bishop, B. M. Johnson, and J. H. Rodgers, Jr. 65
The effect of herbicide and growth stage on Cuban club-rush (Oxycaryum cubense) control. A. F. Watson and J. D. Madsen 71
Response of giant bulrush, water hyacinth, and water lettuce to foliar herbicide applications. Christopher R. Mudge, and M. D. Netherland 75
Response of waterlily, spatterdock, and hardstem bulrush to liquid and granular triclopyr treatments. Leeann M. Glomski and Michael D. Netherland 81
Comparison of late-season herbicide treatments for control of emergent flowering rush in mesocosms
Ryan M. Wersal, A. G. Poovey, J. D. Madsen, K. D. Getsinger, and C. R. Mudge
The efficacy of protox-inhibiting herbicides alone and in combination with glyphosate to control crested floating heart
Leeann M. Glomski, Leif N. Willey, and Michael D. Netherland
Effects of salinity and pH on growth of giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta Mitchell) Chetta S. Owens, R. Michael Smart, and Gary O. Dick 93
Integrated management of an invasive macrophyte
Patricia D. Echo-Hawk, Florence M. Oxley, Paula S. Williamson, Valentin Cantu and Kenneth Ostrand
Investigating snails as potential biological control agents for invasive European frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) Bin Zhu 102
Erratum 106
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