APMS by the decade

history_books_0071-0804-0812-1544_SMUAfter our last blog posting, we saw a great deal of discussion via our social media sites (twitter, LinkedIn, etc).  It has been great to review what has happened over the past ten years of our society, but what about since the APMS was founded in 1961.  Many of you may not know this, but our society was ACTUALLY initiated as the “Hyacinth Control Society” on July 17, 1961.  Anyone want to guess what the “big topic” might have been during that era?  We’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count…..

All jokes aside, our Society has shifted, bent, stretched, and molded itself around a number of different, yet important topics over the last 53 years and nobody captures that better than Jeff Schardt in “APMS by the Decade”.  Have a look at this insightful publication put together specifically for the 50th anniversary of APMS.  This paper uses publications, newsletters, and other material to piece together the intricate history of the Aquatic Plant Management Society.   Have a look and let us know your thoughts through discussion on our LinkedIn page.  Not a member of our APMS group?  Then ask to join!

Read the full paper HERE….

Want to learn more about the APMS history?  Click HERE….

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