Photo courtesy of J. Madsen

 Scientific Name Hydrilla verticillata (L.f.) Royle
Common Name Hydrilla
Family Hydrocharitaceae (Frogbit)
Class Monocot
Description Perenniating mostly from tubers, propogates from tubers, turions, root crowns, and fragments; partially evergreen; white flowers
US Distribution Diocieous form: southeastern US, Texas, California. Monoecious form: Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, California.
Worldwide Distribution Scattered subtropical regions: Australia, China, US, New Zealand; native of China
Ecology Submersed in 1 up to 20 feet depth
Economic Importance Major nuisance impact on US systems ($8M/yr in Florida)
Ecological Importance Major impact on aquatic ecosystems
Notes Has both monoecious and diocieous forms; no sexual propogation in diocieous form
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