Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 49, 2011

A comparison of two methods for sampling biomass of aquatic plants, James A. Johnson and R. M. Newman   1
Protocol considerations for aquatic plant seed bank assessment, Dwilette G. Mcfarland and D. J. Shafer   9
Distribution, interspecific associations and abundance of aquatic plants in Lake Bisina, Uganda, Brian Gidudu, R. S. Copeland, F. Wanda, H. Ochaya, J. P. Cuda, and W. A. Overholt   19
Effects of lime addition on the growth of fanwort in softwater systems, William F. James   28
Impact of invertebrates on three aquatic macrophytes: American pondweed, Illinois pondweed, and Mexican water lily, Julie G. Nachtrieb, M. J. Grodowitz, and R. M. Smart   32
Impact of two herbivores, Samea multiplicalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and Cyrtobagous salviniae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), on Salvinia minima in south Louisiana, S. Tewari and S. J. Johnson   36
Imazamox absorption, desorption, and metabolism by Eurasian watermilfoil, Joseph D. Vassios, S. J. Nissen, and G. R. Brunk   44
The susceptibility of duckweed (Lemna minorL.) to fluridone and penoxsulam, Joshua C. Cheshier, R. M. Wersal, and J. D. Madsen   50
Manuscript preparation guide   53
Fragment viability and rootlet formation in Eurasian watermilfoil after desiccation
Celia Ann Eevans, D. L. Keltin, K. M. Forrest, and L. E. Steblen
NaCl-induced responses in giant duckweed ( Spirodela polyrhiza )
Tai-Sheng Cheng
A study of Eurasian watermilfoil, macroinvertebrates and fish in a Washington lake
Jenifer K. Parsons, Grace E. Marx, and Marc Divens
Effect of an herbivorous stem-mining midge on the growth of hydrilla
J. P. Cuda, B. R. Coon, Y. M. Dao, and T. D. Center
Herbicide efficacy assessment on waterhyacinth and aquatic plant community monitoring in Lake Columbus, Mississippi
Wilfredo Robles, J. D. Madsen, and R. M. Wersal
Evaluation of hyperspectral reflectance data for discriminating six aquatic weeds
James H. Everitt, Chengai Yang, Kenneth R. Summy, Leeann M. Glomski, and Chetta S. Owens
Comparative susceptibility of fluridone resistant and susceptible hydrilla to four ALS inhibiting herbicides under laboratory and greenhouse conditions
MMichael D. Netherland
Influence of application timing on the impact of glyphosate on giant reed ( Arundo donax L . )
D. F. Spenser, G. G. Ksander, W. Tan, P.S. Liow and L. C. Whitehand
Giant reed ( Arundo donax L . ) response to glyphosate and Imazapyr
Carl E. Bell
Overwintering biology of Hydrellia pakistanae , a biological control agent of hydrilla
and and Michael J. Grodowitz
Screening of biological control pathogens isolated from Eurasian watermilfoil
Judy F. Shearer, Brian D. Durham, and Nathan Harms
Vegetative propagation in the emergent macrophyte American water willow ( Justicia americana L. Vahl)
Brany Touchette, Mariana Poole, Mica Mccullough, Emily Adams, and Carl Niedziela
Floristic account of submersed aquatic angiosperms of Dera Ismail Khan District, northwestern Pakistan
Sarfaraz Khan Marwat, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad and Muhammad Zafar
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