Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 39, 2001

Proceedings Issue, 40th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA,
Presidential Address: Footprints for the future
J. L. Decell
Keynote Address: The age of water scarcity: In search of a new paradigm in aquatic weed control
W. Van Vierssen, P. J. M Van Hofwegen, and J. E. Vermaat
Sea Grant and invasive aquatic plants: A national outreach initiative
H. M. Crawford, D. A. Jensen, B. Peichel, P. M. Charlebois, B. A. Doll, S. H.
Kay, V. A. Ramey, and M. B. O’Leary
Managing submersed aquatic plants in the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Australia
D. E. Roberts, G. R. Sainty, S. P. Cummins, G. J. Hunter, and L. W. J. Anderson
Alligator weed: Tasty vegetable in Australian backyards?
L. Gunasekera and J. Bonila
Evaluation of selected herbicides for the control of exotic submerged weeds in New Zealand: I. The use of endothall, triclopyr and dichlobenil
D. E. Hofstra and J. S. Clayton
Evaluation of selected herbicides for the control of exotic submerged weeds in New Zealand: II. The effects of turbidity on diquat and endothall efficacy
D. E. Hofstra, J. S. Clayton, and K. D. Getsinger
The management of giant hogweed in an Irish river catchment
J. M. Caffrey
Removal of aqueous selenium by four aquatic plants
K. M. Carvalho and D. F. Martin
Species traits, species richness and the resilience of wetlands after disturbance
K. A. M. Engelhardt and J. A. Kadlec
Effects of hypoxia on fish assemblages in a vegetated waterbody
K. J. Killgore and J. J. Hoover
Soluble sugar concentrations associated with tuber and winter bud sprouting
D. F. Spencer, F. J. Ryan, L. Aung, and G. G. Ksander
Herbicide evaluation against giant salvinia
L. S. Nelson, J. G. Skogerboe, and K. D. Getsinger
Effects of water and copper complexes in combination with Reward® herbicide
S. J. Kammerer and T. M. Ledson
Herbicide / copper combinations for improved control of Hydrilla verticillata
T. G. Pennington, J. G. Skogerboe, and K. D. Getsinger
Movements of triploid grass carp in the Cooper River, South Carolina
J. P. Kirk, K. J. Killgore, J. V. Morrow, Jr., S. D. Lamprecht, and D. W. Cooke
Overwinter habitat and the relationship of overwinter to in-lake densities of the milfoil weevil, Euhrychiopsis lecontei, a Eurasian watermilfoil biological control agent
R. M. Newman, D. W. Ragsdale, A. Milles, and C. Oien
Epiphytic macroinvertebrates along a gradient of Eurasian watermilfoil cover
K. S. Cheruvelil, P. A. Soranno, and J. D. Madsen
Washington’s aquatic plant quarantine
K. S. Hamel and J. K. Parsons
Dispersal of native and nonnative aquatic plant species in the Sane Marcos River Texas,
C. S. Owens, J. D. Madsen, R. M. Smart, and R. M. Stewart
The use of stream delta surveillance as a tool for early detection of Eurasian watermilfoil
L. W. Eichler, E. A. Howe, and C. W. Boylen
Effects of water column nutrient enrichment on the growth of Potamogeton maackianus
A. Been, L. Ni
Mail order, the internet, and invasive aquatic weeds
S. H. Kay and S. T. Hoyle
Manuscript Preparation Guide    92
Laboratory and greenhouse studies of microbial products used to biologically control algae
Robert J. Duvall and L.W.J. Anderson
Pond enclosure evaluations of microbial products and chemical algicides used in lake management
Robert J. Duvall, L.W.J. Anderson and C.R. Goldman
Physical and vegetative characteristics of floating islands
Craig T. Mallison, R.K. Stocker and C.E. Cichra
Simazine toxicity and uptake by parrotfeather
Patrick C. Wilson, T. Whitwell and S.J. Klaine
The use of 2,4-D for selective control of an early infestation of eurasian watermilfoil in Loon Lake, Washington
Jenifer K. Parsons, K.S. Hamel, J.D. Madsen and K.D. Getsinger
Control of dioecious New Zealand hydrilla using fluridone in mesocosms
Deborah H. Hofstra and J.S. Clayton
Endothall species selectivity evaluations
John G. Skogerboe and K.D. Getsinger
Dynamics of a pioneer population of eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.) in a shallow Lake Erie wetland
Robert S. Whyte and D.A. Franko
Importation, rearing, release and establishment of Neochetina bruchi (Coleoptera Curculionidae) for the biological control of water hyacinth in Mexico
M. Martinez Jimenez, E. Guiterrez Lopez, R. Huerto Delgadillo, and E. Ruiz Franco
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