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Help stop lake weed

Eurasian milfoil, a spiny seaweed not native to North America, has been a problem locally, and the biggest weapon in combating the invasive plant is education, said Jack DeWeese, coordinator of the town of Caroga’s invasive aquatic weed extraction in Caroga Lake. The Adirondack Landowners Association is working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and local counties throughout upstate New York to raise awareness about aquatic invasive species this year. The three-part program educates people by sending brochures with renewals for boat and trailer registrations, providing space in local Department of Motor Vehicle offices for signs and brochures to get the word out about the problem, and involving the private sector. The ALA will work with North Country business owners and town government officials to offer posters and handouts with information on how to prevent the spread of invasive species throughout the Adirondacks.
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Lakes plan tabled

The Stillwater City Council agrees that Lily, Long and McKusick lakes need aquatic lake management. What council members want to know is how to pay for and sustain it long term. READ MORE
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Weed could consume lake in four years without plan

New estimates show Lake Waccamaw could be filled with hydrilla by 2017. Officials also learned it will likely cost at least $3.15 million over seven years to solve the problem…Steven Hoyle, an aquatic weed specialist with N.C. State University, is the lead technical advisor on the team analyzing the lake’s hydrilla infestation. The four-year prediction is very realistic, Hoyle said. READ MORE
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Water weed chokes marina

Bill Pease stood on a small wooden bridge overlooking Old River about a mile away from the entrance to his boating company, Rivers End Marina & Storage. He watched as a thick carpet of green vegetation ebbed beneath him toward the entrance to his docks. About a quarter of a mile from his boat slots, the mass of water hyacinth stretches several hundred yards from the marina into Old River. The plant has clogged the river from bank to bank — a span of about 150 feet.
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Fenton residents have mixed reactions to weed control in lakes

Fenton Twp. — Weed treatment in the lakes of Fenton Township has brought mixed reactions amongst residents. At Monday’s board of trustees meeting, Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control was given approval to treat Lake Ponemah and three other lakes.

Residents on the lakes agreed that the weeds needed to be addressed. However, there was some debate as to whether chemicals should be used to treat the weeds.


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Suppressing aquatic weeds in Lake Okeechobee

Exotic visitors to Florida sporting snouts, scales, fins, feathers, fur, or foliage tend to hunker down, divide and multiply, and foreclose on native flora and fauna. As of 2010, 1,392 non-native plant species were identified in South Florida alone, and of those, 69 are priorities for control.


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