2011 Exhibitors

The Aquatic Plant Management Society appreciates the following companies for exhibiting their products and services.

 Airmax Ecosystems, a leading manufacturer of water and invasive plant management products for ponds and lakes, has specialized in providing affordable, easy-to-install, energy efficient aeration systems and 100% natural treatments for ponds and lakes for over a decade. Airmax’s pro-active approach to pond management, with products like MuckAwayâ„¢ and PondClearâ„¢, has helped pond and lake owners across the U.S. maintain clear, clean, healthy ponds…naturally.
Alligareis a leading supplier in industrial vegetation management and a subsidiary of Makhteshim-Agan Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of post patent crop protection chemicals. Our markets include vegetation management, forestry, right of way, range and pasture, and aquatics.Alligare works closely with end users to identify market needs. We work directly with manufacturers around the world to bring the highest level of product quality and service to our customer. Alligare Specialists provide product and service faster and more cost effectively than a traditional sales force.
Applied Biochemists®, a business of Arch Chemicals, Inc., is proud to have been an active, contributing member of the APMS for over 40 years. As a manufacturer of algaecides and aquatic herbicides, we place high value on the science and integrity the APMS and its members bring to our industry. We are part of a leading biocides company, dedicated to producing and supplying products meeting quality, regulatory and safety standards for improving the economic, recreational and functional value of water throughout the world.
Applied Polymer SystemsAPS is the originator of Silt Stop and Floc Log products which are innovative blends of polyacrylamide based products used for soil thickening, erosion control, water clarification, soil stabilization, pond-lake management, and nutrient removal. All APS products have undergone Acute and Chronic wet testing for aquatic organisms and found non toxic by an EPA certified laboratory. Floc Logs remove turbidity.Pond Logs remove nutrients and turbidity. Silt Stop powder can be applied to the soil, stabilizing it, eliminating erosion and thickening soil to make it more manageable for hauling by trucks.
Aquamaster Fountains & Aerators
Since 1966, Aquatic Control has been providing high quality products, services, and staff for managing lakes, ponds, and other water resources.  Our professional staff includes: Certified fisheries scientists, fisheries biologists, factory trained fountain specialists, and licensed aquatic applicators.  We supply quality products/services to companies and clients to fill their needs.
 Selection. Service. Solutions.The Aquatic Eco-Systems Lakes Department has been a world leader in providing lake and pond management systems and solutions since 1978. Draw on the experience of our highly trained staff to help you with system design, troubleshooting or an answer to your aquatic question. Visit AquaticEco.com to find out more.
BioSafe Systems, LLC, the manufacturers of GreenCleanPRO, a Broad Spectrum granular algaecide and GreenClean Liquid, a Broad Spectrum liquid algaecide, is the leader in Activated Peroxygen chemistries and is dedicated to providing the Aquatics Industry with powerful options for algae control. BioSafe Systems is a proud member of APMS and all of the regional Aquatic Plant Management Societies.
Brewer International offers surfactants, drift control agents, defoamers, and basal diluents for the weed and brush control market.  Spray adjuvants enhance the performance of pesticides.  Brewer International also manufactures a broad range of products used in the irrigation, industrial cleaning, and aquatic markets.  Brewer is also a proud member of AERF, RISE, APMS, and regional aquatic plant management societies.
The staff at Clean Lakes, Inc., the industry leader in aquatic pesticide applications through the use of our Littoral Zone Treatment Technology, the LITTLINE®, have been providing Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration and Maintenance services to governmental and private sector clients worldwide since the mid 1970’s. The scope of services typically provided by CLI includes the development of aquatic vegetation management programs, environmental monitoring of aquatic plant communities, implementation of invasive species control programs, marsh restoration services, bathymetric mapping, NPDES Permit Compliance, TMDL water quality monitoring programs, and aquatic plant control services through the use of the patent pending LittLine® system. CLI performs aquatic pesticide applications throughout the US from our regional offices located in California, Florida and Idaho.
 Contour Innovations has developed the CI Platform as a technological advance in bridging the gap between the power of on-board electronics and the power of the web. The CI BioBase System, developed on the CI Platform, has been developed to provide database and historical trend tools for aquatics research groups around the United States. This is accomplished with easy and inexpensive data recording tools and dynamic web centralized analytic and lake mapping tools. BioBase provides real solutions for maintaining a comprehensive and historical look at lake status and changes over time in relation to important characteristics such as invasive species, herbicide performance, abundance, and resilience. Real time and historical data can be used for objective correlation with additional studies to evaluate performance, match point intercept surveys, and allocation or recommendation of resources management.
CPS Timberland – Aquatics, a business of Agrium Inc., is a national distributor committed to being the leading provider of aquatic products while providing exceptional service to our valued customers. We distribute nationwide for all the major aquatic manufactures and are a sole distributor for our Loveland Products group that manufacturers aquatic approved products, adjuvants and water conditioning agents to help you achieve the best possible results.  “PROFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE”
Cygnet Enterprises, Inc. and affiliates, is one of the largest distributors of aquatic herbicides, algaecides, and lake management devices in the United States.  We are a distributor for all of the major manufacturers of aquatic products including Applied Biochemists, SePRO, Cerexagri, Syngenta, and many more.  Our offices are located nation-wide in Michigan, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina.  For more information regarding our products and services, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-359-7531.
  Helena Chemical Company is a national distributor of crop protection and crop production inputs. Helena has over 350 sales locations across the country that supply customers with crop protectants, fertilizer products, seed and related services. In addition, the Helena Product Group develops and markets a number of products in the following categories: Adjuvants, Nutritionals, BioScience, Value-Added Products and Seed Treatments.
The Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS) has been supporting the advancement of sound aquatic plant management since 1980. Our mission is to provide opportunities for the educational advancement of our members, to encourage relevant scientific research, to promote the exchange of information among members, and to expand and develop public interest in the discipline. Our membership is comprised of people with a broad range of lake management backgrounds. The majority of members are from the Midwestern and Northeastern states. MAPMS programs focus on aquatic plant management problems and solutions unique to temperate northern lakes.
 PP Systems
 Red River Specialties is a distributor of herbicides and other specialty products including adjuvants and surfactants to a variety of markets including industrial, rights-of-way, range and pasture, aquatics and forestry. Red River Specialties has salespeople and warehouses located throughout the southeastern United States. We understand the importance of products being available when needed. As the premier provider of herbicides, our goal is to provide service that exceeds our customer needs. Whatever your market segment requirements may be, our local representative is available to help get your job completed.
ReMetrix, LLC is the national leader in large-scale aquatic habitat mapping. Since 1999 ReMetrix has mapped over one million surface acres of aquatic resources through the combined use of hydroacoustic surveys, remote sensing analyses, species sampling, sediment sampling, GIS, GPS-linked underwater imaging, and complementary technologies.
The industry leader in aquatic plant management, SePRO Corporation has provided professional focus on specialty markets since 1993.  Current product line for the professional lake manager includes: Sonar* A.S. aquatic herbicide, Sonar SRP aquatic herbicide, Sonar PR Precision Release* aquatic herbicide, Sonar Q* Quick Release aquatic herbicide, Avast!® Aquatic Herbicide, FasTEST* immunoassay system, Nautique* aquatic herbicide, Captain* algaecide, K-Teaâ„¢ algaecide, Komeen® Aquatic Herbicide, AquaPro* aquatic herbicide, Revive* biological water quality enhancer, and Renovate® aquatic herbicide.  (*Trademark of SePRO Corporation ®Trademark of SePRO Corporation, â„¢Trademark of SePRO Corporation, ®Renovate is a Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC, manufactured for SePRO Corporation)
SonicSolutions is algae control without chemicals. SonicSolutions is environmentally friendly and is safe for fish, frogs, snakes, turtles and all other aquatic life forms. One unit can kill and control algae in up to 8acres of surface area and requires only 24volts DC to operate, making solar installations a snap.
  Invasive weeds can devastate both natural and commercial habitats. Syngenta Professional Products provides high performance products to control these destructive weeds while helping to restore the habitat of aquatic environments. Proven herbicides for the weed control industry available from Syngenta include Reward® and Touchdown PRO®.
University Florida IFAS
  United Phosphorus, Inc., (UPI) is leading the value revolution as a premier supplier of trusted and proven post patent crop protection technologies for agricultural and specialty crops. As a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of post patent solutions, UPI is geared to provide growers with high-quality products built to defend crops and increase yields.
Valent Professional Products has the solutions applicators have been waiting for. Valent products manage tough aquatic plants and provide the selectivity you can count on to maintain desirable vegetation. NEW Clipperâ„¢ Herbicide provides rapid, contact control of many tough aquatics plants including cabomba and watermeal. Clear the way with NEW Tradewindâ„¢ Herbicide  systemic and selective control of hydrilla, watermilfoil and other aquatic plants.
Vertex Water Features is the technology leader in advanced diffused air aeration systems for surface water management. Our independently tested, ETL certified pond and lake aerators are the environmentally responsible answer to better aquatic plant and fish management. Vertex is also a leading manufacturer of custom floating lake fountains that enhance the landscape of communities, parks, golf courses, hotels, and other properties. Get the Vertex Advantage!
Winfield Solutions Professional Products has made a national commitment to helping golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, nursery owners, pest control operators and aquatic and vegetation management professionals win in their highly-competitive markets. Our singular focus is on growing your business. That’s why we can say with confidence: only Winfield Solutions can offer the right product, business building resources and trusted technical expertise backed by service professionals dedicated to deliver what it takes to help you win.
 Weed Science Society America