Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 57, 2019

Below are the article titles for JAPM for 2019.

Note that only the abstracts for the articles are available online, except for open access articles which have the full pdf available. Complete articles are available online after two years.

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The response of giant salvinia to foliar herbicide applications at three winter timings
Bradley T. Sartain and Christopher R. Mudge*
Field site analysis of giant salvinia nitrogen content and salvinia weevil density
Julie G. Nachtrieb*
Utilizing remote sensing technology for monitoring chemically managed giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta) populations
Bradley T. Sartain, Jonathan P. Fleming, and Christopher R. Mudge*
open access
Torpedograss response to herbicide treatment in saturated and flooded conditions
Candice M. Prince, Kaitlyn H. Quincy, Stephen F. Enloe, Gregory E. MacDonald, and Michael D. Netherland*
An operational study of repeated diquat treatments to control submersed flowering rush. (No Abstract)
Jennifer K. Parsons, Laurel Baldwin, and Nathan Lubliner*
jThe effects of predation on biological control of Eurasian watermilfoil
Daniel C. Miller and Ronald L. Crunkilton*
Laboratory response of monoecious Hydrilla to four slow-acting, enzyme-inhibiting herbicides
Joshua D. Wood and Michael D. Netherland*
Amendments to giant salvinia nitrogen content increase salvinia weevil density at field sites
Julie G. Nachtrieb William K. Finkbeiner, and Wesley J. Maddox*
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