Journal of Aquatic Plant Management – Volume 54, 2016

Below are the article titles for JAPM for 2016.

Note that only the abstracts for the articles are available online, except for open access articles which have the full pdf available.

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open access
Monoecious hydrilla – a review of the literature
Sarah True-Meadows, Erika J. Haug, and Robert J. Richardson
open access
Monoecious hydrilla tuber dynamics following various management regimes on four North Carolina reservoirs.
Justin J. Nawrocki, Rob J. Richardson, and Steve T. Hoyle
open access
Compatibility of an insect, a fungus, and a herbicide for integrated pest management of dioecious hydrilla.
James. P. Cuda, Judy. F. Shearer, Emma N. I. Weeks, Eutychus Kariuki, Jilie Baniszewski, and Mihai Giurcanu
open access
Response of seven aquatic plants to a new arylpicolinate herbicide
Robert J. Richardson, Erika Haug, and Michael D. Netherland
Evaluation of foliar herbicide and surfactant combinations for control of giant salvinia at three application timings.
Christopher R. Mudge, Alexander J. Perret, and Jonathan R. Winslow
open access
The influence of invasive aquatic plant removal on diets of bluegill in Minnesota lakes
Krisan M. Webb, Rachel E. Schultz, and Eric D. Dibble
open access
Potential utility of environmental DNA for early detection of Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum).
Jeremy Newton, Adam Sepulveda, Kevin Sylvester, and Ryan Thum
Impact of herbicide retention time on the efficacy of foliar treatments for control of crested floating heart.
Leeann Glomski and Michael D. Netherland
Stem fragment regrowth of Hydrilla verticillata following desiccation
Julie Baniszewski, James P. Cuda, Salvador A. Gezan, Shweta Sharma, and Emma N. I. Weeks*
Management of flowering rush in the Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
John D. Madsen, Bradley Sartain, Gray Turnage, and Michelle Marko*
Efficacy of combinations of diquat or triclopyr with fluridone for control of flowering rush
John D. Madsen, Gray Turnage, and Kurt Getsinger*
An investigation of the reproductive ecology of crab’s-claw in the Trent River, Ontario, Canada
Nicholas Weissflog and Eric Sager*
Predicting drivers of nuisance macrophyte cover in a regulated California stream using boosted regression tree models
Emily P. Zefferman and David J. Harris*
Littoral sediment accumulation ten years after muck removal in Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida
Mark V. Hoyer, Michael D. Netherland, and Dean Jones*
Spatial and temporal variation of aquatic plant abundance: Quantifying change
Ray D. Valley*
Importance of size and nitrogen content in establishment of Brazilian egeria (Egeria densa) fragments
Toni G. Pennington and Mark D. Sytsma*
Use of an inexpensive chlorophyll meter to predict nitrogen levels in leaf tissues of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
Michael J. Grodowitz, Nathan E. Harms, and Jan E. Freedman*
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