NPDES Compliance Information

By John Madsen

Spring has come, and it is time to comply with the new NPDES permit requirements.  These requirements go beyond simply filing a notice of intent (NOI).  Among other things, the applicator or resource manager has to complete a pesticide discharge management plan (PDMP) and have a method to both estimate the level of nuisance and evaluate effectiveness.

Currently, the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (AERF) has several tools available to prepare permit holders to comply with NPDES requirements, available on their webpage at, under the NDPES/PGP tab.  First, under the news tab, AERF has provided a template of the Pesticide Discharge Management Plan (PDMP) as a fillable PDF form.  This seven-page form will help in making sure all the elements of a PDMP are completed. The news section also has a summary of the Pesticide General Permit (PGP) elements.  The news tab also has updates on available training resources, such as the EPA web-based permit-writer’s training.

Under the state permits tab, links to each states permit and the contact information for a person in charge is available.  Lastly, under the State NOI info tab, a state-by-state comparison of threshold levels for the permits is available.

The AERF will also be providing guidance on assessment methods for assessing nuisance plant levels in the near future.

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