Photo courtesy of Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Scientific Name Typha spp. L. (T. latifolia, T. glauca, T. angustifolia, T. domingensis)
Common Name Cattail
Family Typhaceae (Cattail)
Class Monocot
Description Primarily emergent from subterranean rhizome, leaves long and strap-like, flowers inconspicuous in floral head with sexes separate, wind pollinated
US Distribution Throughout US and southern Canada
Worldwide Distribution Temperate North America, Europe, and Asia
Ecology Emergent in up to 3 ft. depth, to moist soil
Economic Importance May become a nuisance, also as a roost for blackbird swarms
Ecological Importance Can be good cover for wildlife, food for muskrats, etc.; may out-compete other natives in some situations (prairie pothole region)
Notes Some of these species hybridize; some evidence that T. latifolia is not native
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